Pub 217

Location: 217 3RD STREET SE CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52401

I need to start out by saying that the pretzels and beer cheese from Pub 217 in Cedar Rapids are by far the best I’ve ever had in my life. Full stop. These were the pretzels that made me want to start this blog and the ones that I always talk about and circle back to.

I love going to Pub 217 for this very reason and often recommend it when people are in town so that they too can enjoy these marvelous little bites.

The Details:

A plateful of sliced pretzel bites with Wisconsin beer cheese. $9


I spoiled it by telling you above that these are the best I’ve ever had. But I’ll say it once again for the people in the back: these are the best pretzels and beer cheese that I’ve ever had, anywhere. The pretzels are cut up in to bite size chunks and dusted with warm butter and salt.

There is a bowl of warm, delicious cheese set at the center of the platter. I feel like I have to take away points for the presentation of the bowl of cheese – but whatever I take away is made up in taste. They give you a generous serving of cheese, so make sure you hold on to it to dip your fries in!

Usually when I go here I split a burger with someone so that we can both enjoy these pretzel bites to the full and don’t have to let any go to waste!

Overall, if you are a beer cheese and pretzel enthusiast, this is a must visit. Be sure to tell them Star from Five Star Pretzels sent you and maybe eventually I’ll get them for free!

Pub 217


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  • Bite size pretzels
  • Buttered pretzels

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