30 Hop

Location: 951 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

The Details:

Pretzel bites served with cheese fondue and honey mustard.


We love going to 30 Hop – they have a 7 day a week happy hour from 3-6pm. This is usually when we frequent, as they have great deals and their truffle fries are $4 and believe me, they are to die for.

This time around we decided to try their pretzels and cheese so we could add a new article to the blog. We visited on Saturday, during happy hour, during the NFL divisional playoffs. We live in a covid world, so it wasn’t packed, but it was somewhat busy. Regardless, the pretzels and dipping sides came in a very reasonable amount of time.

If you’ve been around for any amount of time, then you know I started this blog to review pretzels and beer cheese. I place a large emphasis on the cheese and how well it complements the pretzels. For starters, this was not beer cheese. I knew this going in, so it wasn’t a surprise but the cheese was still a little lacking. Out 11 year old said it was like mac and cheese cheese but then proceeded to eat the rest of it with a spoon after all the pretzels were gone. I can’t say I agree with her mac and cheese statement, but the cheese was creamy – as I would expect of a fondue.

The real winner here was actually the honey mustard. I would personally consider it more of a dijon mustard but the taste was great and actually what I preferred to use when dipping my pretzel bites.

Overall, we gave this one a pretty decent rating. It’s hard to compete with $4 truffle fries during happy hour, so I’m not sure how often we’d venture out just for this appetizer, but overall, we liked them and believe they are worth a try.


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  • Mustard was good
  • Hot and Fresh


  • Cheese Fondue, not beer cheese
  • Did not get a lot for the price

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