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Dairy Queen

I went to Dairy Queen and -news to me- they now offer pretzels and cheese! Even though it wasn’t beer cheese I ordered them anyway because this site has to officially start somewhere, right?

The Details:

3 medium sized pretzel sticks

$2.19 plus tax. (It was advertised as $1.99 but that’s a different story.)


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot considering you can get these through the drive-thru. The pretzels were lightly salted. The cheese was like queso but with significantly worse consistency. It resembled gravy when I took the lid off.

The cheese was not great and the pretzels were average in taste. Again, definitely something you would expect from a fast food place. Given the price point, it wasn’t a total loss but overall, I would not recommend these.

Dairy Queen


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